Life Supporting Organic Chemistry
   How Nature Forms Our Cartilage,Collagen and Bone Nutrients.
From Root Oxirene to Leaf-Hydroxirene
How Wheat,Barley and Rice..Make Hair Skin and Nail Aids
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Chem-Data Consulting Services 
Providing technical information to businesses,
colleges,universitys and government agencys,.
to help them overcome technical difficulties.
If you have projects,which are not advancing,
do to lack of knowledge,about the elements,
call us and explain to us,about your problem,
we will then advise you,how to solve it.
If you are trying to create new medicines,
or new immune system boosting hormones,
call us to discuss your needs,we can create,
new structural formula drawings to help you,
to synthesize those compounds you desire.
Our knowledge of the safe electron bonds of each,
of the elements and of aromatics,nucleotides and,
amino acids is greater than any other organizations.
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Our Life Supporting New Tables of the Atomic Elements
There is a difference between Chem-Data periodic tables,
and that authorized in 1840 by iupac,the acs and rcs.
Our tables are for chemists who produce, medicines,
supplements,food additives,fertilizers,lotions,soaps.
Their tables are for industrial chemists who make paints,
coatings,petroleum products,petroleum bi-products and,
who only use an element's,inorganic ionic electron bonds.
Students & organic chemists,need  to know an elements,
always safe,non-cancer causing,co'valent electron bonds,
to create,vitamins,medicines,food additives,colorants and,
safe fertilizers,feeds and nitrated,fosfated agrochemicals,
The co'valent bonds are only shown,on our tables.
if you want to produce health creating chemistry products,
or to teach others,how to produce them,you should buy,
The New Table of the Elements
For Laboratorys and School Rooms
The New Tri-Color Table
For Science Fairs and Living Rooms
       There are Organic Chemists who create Restorative Supplements and Medicines
       There are Petroleum Chemists who produce Fuels,Motor Oils,Chemicals,Pesticides,
       Herbicides,Roofing,Paints,Glues,Vinyls,Plastic Fibres and Plastic Sheet Materials.
  There are the Inorganic Chemists who separate ores and produce metals and alloys.

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